LinkUSBi Touch and Hold

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The LinkUSBi™ Touch and Hold is an advanced intelligent USB 2.0 full speed 1-Wire® interface. It uses superior digital and analog methods to accomplish more reliable operation on a variety of network communications, as well as some diagnostic tools.

This version of the LinkUSBi触摸和保存功能l-in-one read head built into the body of the device. Due to the use of the built-in read head, the RJ-45 port has been completely removed. Additionally, the molded USB cable has been removed. A micro-USB cable is available from iButtonLinkhere, or customers can use their own.

The LinkUSBiTouch and Hold has been designed to operate reliably on long or short 1-Wire® buses. It has a special analog interface designed to match impedances and slew rate controls, and smart cable pre-charge.

The LinkUSBi™ Touch and Hold works great with1-Wire® Viewer, the free 1-Wire® viewing and logging application from Maxim using the DS9097U emulation mode. If you have any problem getting 1-Wire® viewer to work, visit the1-Wire® Viewer User's Guide.


This Product is RoHScompliant.

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